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Once upon a time when we talked about just few field. Most of the golden students are like to be doctor, engineer or in general B. Sc. courses. But in the flow of the time lots of new courses are listed in the menu card of career options. Microbiology is one of the youngest sibling in this category. As you know it is a research oriented field, the opportunity in this field increasing each day. In this article we discuss about Microbiology in detail.

What is Microbiology?

Microbiology is the study of micro-organism. Micro-organisms are those organisms which are very small so that one can not visualizes with the naked eyes. They are like viruses, bacteria and fungi. Simply we can say, Micro-biology is a broad discipline of biology works with function, structure, uses and the existence of the microscopic organism.

Who are Microbiologist?

A person who specializes in this field is called as “ Microbiologist”. A Microbiologist studies interactions of micro organisms with other organisms and humans, which exist and affect our life.
In this three years under graduate course, a student can learn everything about microbiology and their importance in our life. Here one can involve deeply in niche field of Science, he or she can learn a lot another variety of science. It is a very micro level study of science. One can learn everything about the life and use of

Opportunities in various fields in Microbiology:

A Microbiology student gets Opportunities in various fields like forensic science laboratories, health care organisation, environmental organisation food and drink pharmaceuticals . You can also make a job in Teaching with Microbiology. In public research organisation one can chance for research prevention & treatment of illnesses is also linked with microbes. Private sector units also include medical micro-biologist.


  • Check the Microbiology subject & syllabus.


Job opportunity of Microbiology:

At present job outlook for Microbiologist is positive. A Microbiologist can get chance in research. A students who have completed his study in Microbiology get a huge scope of involvement in the public firms and also get jobs in private sectors or organisation. Various under takings organizations are already working in abroad. So  one can get job easily after completing his/her B. SC in Microbiology. So these graduates need to attain several test conducted by Govt to get a good salary job . Follow our website regularly for getting information about public sector firms in this area.

Jobs in Microbiology

This info graphics shows the chart view of jobs opportunity in Microbiology field.

  • Private sector job offer in Microbiology:

                                                     Aspirant who has completed his/her study in Microbiology will have enormous opening in private sector organization. Private sectors provides a lot of offers for the students of microbiology. B SC. Demand of Microbiologists are pretty high in the UK, US, France Research field. Jobs in abroad is a good option for those graduates. Private sector units also include medical micro-biologist, Agricultural micro-biologist, Industrial micro-biologist and marine micro-biologist as well.

  • Govt. sector job opportunity in microbiology:

The government sector job is available after completing B.SC in Microbiology. Apart from taking Bank job or civil service exam in B.SC in Microbiology will offer various options in proper government job also. Various higher studies option exists in this field. You can also take a job in Teaching with Microbiology.


The Salary packages are not so good at the start but it will gradually increase. Though a beginner in this field can earn on in the range of 10,000/- to 15,000/- rupees per month but the digit increase on time. With good experience and higher studies one can attempt  higher remuneration as well.

Duties of Microbiologists:

  1. You can understand that research is the baseline of this field. Need scientists to invent something new. Someone also can work as non-scientist executive. One can join as an engineer also , other colleagues, and the public field also available.
  2.  Though this is a research field one can work on non-research person as well. Then prepare technical reports, publish research papers, and make recommendations based on their research findings are your duties.
  3. Monitor the effect of microorganisms on plants, animals, other microorganisms, or the environment are the duties of Microbiologist.
  4. Identify and classify microorganisms found in specimens collected from humans, plants, animals, or the
    environment is listed under the duty of a Microbiologist.
  5. Isolate and maintain cultures of bacteria or other microorganisms for study is another duty of a Microbiologist.
  6. Supervise the work of biological technicians and other workers and evaluate the accuracy of their results.
  7. Microbiologist performs laboratory experiments that are used in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.
  8. Making Plan and conduct complex research projects, such as improving sterilization procedures or developing new drugs to combat infectious diseases are another parts of their duties.

Institute for B.Sc. Microbiology: 

college choosing guide for everyone

college choose guide for B.Sc. Microbiology

Institute of Microbiology is not less in India. But when some one decided to chose college it actually depends on few issues. Moreover Every college is not suitable for everyone. There are lots of things that put in focus. If you are decided to complete your graduation degree in this field then this is the time to look for a good institute. Before doing that let’s have a look what you should know about an institution.

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