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How to Be Prepare for NEET 2019

How to Be Prepare for NEET 2019


NEET is one of the biggest as well as toughest entrance exams in India. This is exam will conduct NTA from 2019. In the past time generally CBSE used to conduct this examination. If you are interested to know how to prepare for NEET, then one thing is very clear that you have idea about the purpose of this examination. Still I want to explain this exam in short for those who have no idea about this exam before explain how to prepare neet 2019. As you know few changes have been done so we focus only NEET 2019 through out the article.

NEET 2019:

NEET is a national level examination for getting an MBBS/BDS seat for under graduate study. There are certain criteria for those whoa re willing to appear this exam. I am not going to discuss those here.

Now comes to the topic of this article. Every year almost 11lacks to 12 lacks students apply for this examination. Fortunately there are more or less 50000 seats. Those seats are including MBBS/BDS GOVT. and private colleges.

So there is obvious huge competition. If you have to crack the NEET exam you have to follow few things that I am going to share with you. No matter you are dropper or fresher you are defiantly going to get result from it.

How to Be Prepare for NEET:

First try to understand what is actually NEET exam. As you know this is an exam for medical entrance. But here I am advising you not to focus on medical or mbbs or bds kind of thing. Always remember you are not going to appear for an examination that is a gateway of medical. I know this sounds wired. Believe me if you can train your mind to appear for a exam that based on your syllabus only nothing else you can get the result. Just focus on the paper not in future.

I am going to divide the entire article in two parts one is for fresher’s another is for droppers.

Before that I want to give some estimate list of some important things.

  • Score According to Rank Chart

Predicted rank Predicted Score
1-10 690-700 and more
10-100 650-690
100-1000 590-650
1000-5000 550-590



1. Luck No role. Just challenge and work hard.
2. Boringness Think about the insult that you have to face.
3. Fear Appear for mock test as many time as you can
4. Demotivation Do not try to be over motivated, know what is your only goal and why you fixed that goal.
5. Lacking concentration Do not make your study boring make it interesting. (Know how to do that)
6. Tough Exam Not at all. Go through previous year papers and you can understand by your self, nothing outside of your book.
7. Confidence lack Remember all of your friends suffering from these issues that I mentioned but you have already go through solution. So start now…


  • Know the important and common habits of toppers to crack NEET.
  • How to be motivated for NEET through out the year.
  • How to overcome the fear of exam before exam.
  • How to avoid fear to not qualify (Top Secret).
  • How to be preparing for AIIMS.
  • How to be preparing for JIPMER.
  1. Dropper:

Rather using the word dropper I want to use a word investor. If you are someone among this category remember you are the most intelligent investor in the world. You are investing most important thing, Time for making better future. So started filling pride for this attitude.

  • Study:

This only a things that play complete role about to solve your paper properly or not. As you know NEET exam is going to be held based on Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Now the point is to deal with these three subjects. Go through previous year papers. You can find some of the topic is important those are coming back again and again. Go through every topic each of the time it comes to you. This will help you to revise important topic more and more.

  • Time:

Time will be less than one year if you are an investor. Now you have to deal with this. You can make a routine that’s entirely up to you. But it will be better to divide the complete target in months and week. Remember not in days and hours. One thing more to say that don’t make any limit of during study like 2 hours for each subject. Don’t do this mistake. Don’t leave a topic until you have cleared your concept. Forget about time at that time.

  • Mock test:

This is the most important thing. As you know your exam will be MCQ based so focus on MCQ more than thoroughly study. Don’t worry I will tell you everything in this article so just go through line by line. If you are not joining any coaching institute then you at least take any dlp program or join test series. Some of the institutes provide online test series though. I still emphasis on offline test series, as your exam will be in pen paper mode.

  • Books and notes: This one of the headache. You know the best book for neet is NCERT. Stick with it. How many times you will go through it remember it will go to help you increase your no that much. Other book you can follow. Check the important books for neet here. Lets talk about notes. Don’t be panic to waste too much paper by writing notes. Generally three types of notes are important for you. i) Formula, ii) diagram & graphs of physics and chemistry, iii) picture those are exist in NCERT biology that’s it. You don’t need anything more.

Now I want to tell you all three types of notes I would provide you at free of cost. I will give you sample pic of biology so that you can practice it by pointing. To get this you have to submit your mail that’s it.

  • If possible I will provide all related material of organic chemistry as well specially mechanism and conversion.
  • Continue your study according to your own way and try to follow these staff. I believe it will help you to crack NEET.


  1. Continuing students:

Most of the times these students are find to be black horses. I want to say most of the cases continue students are able to secure them in the top 100 ranks. Ration is significantly high in compare to investors (dropper).

But sadly the statistic favors to the CBSE students. Because the questions are coming from NCERT that is CBSE textbook.

In this race the other board students are quite back footed. So remember if you have to crack NEET you must go through NCERT first over other book.

  • Time: No matter from which you are continuing near about two years or less left in your hand. I am assuming here you are in 11th standard (For 12th student NEET preparation guide here). Now you should first go through 11th portion first. Remember this is the base. If you skip this you will skip NEET as well. All the mechanic portion of Physic, Physiology portion of Biology, Morphology, classification, organic basic, and all the physical chemistry chapters are most important for NEET. So don’t dare to skip any line of class 11th Divide full syllabus into weeks and months. Though I know you have to manage school and tuition. But still you should be aware always that you are preparing for NEET.
  • Study plan: For the investor study plan should be counted in chapters but for you, topic should be concern not the chapter. Frist, read the chapter from NCERT, and then try to solve MCQ problems from recommended books. (Check recommended books here).
  • Aim: This not important for the investor but you should fix your target from the first day. Remember you should increase your level towards your target day be day. If decreasing by any chance it should be concern. (Check How to be motivated for NEET from the first day to last day).
  • Mock Test: This is important for all the students. Mock test will help to increase your capability more and more. So how many no of mock will attempt your accuracy will increase that much. So try to attempt as many mock tests as possible.
  • Book and Notes: This is important also. But remember that you can read more books for reference if you can. Always remember you are preparing for neet that is medical entrance not for any research program. So keep your study as concise as possible. Read many more time will definitely help you in future to crack NEET. As you in school so you have to draw the entire diagram try to remember those also. No need to make any more notes. Follow us we will provide you all required notes time to time.
  • Read how to deal each subject separately.


Read our other related articles to know every thing clearly. I know you can think what’s new here but I am telling you to go read all the articles you definitely get clear idea how to deal with all barriers that you have to face during you preparation time.

At last I want to tell you that if you want to win you have to fight. If you can fight you can win. So let’s start from to day. Career Spectacle will always with you. Supports you by providing all valuable notes and other element some time online test and more. We wish all of you to be a fighter; we believe stethoscope and that white apron will be yours. Just waiting for you in somewhere on an unknown self.

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