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Here I am going to discuss about some highest earning jobs in India. Most of the Indian love jobs over business it is true. So I picked some really popular or not that much, may be sophisticated may not but one thing is really nice that all are highest paying job. The list that I mentioned here may be changed time to time as India is developing country and the economy is dynamic.  OK one issue I want to clear here. As all job are equal, neither any work is less important or more important I just put them randomly but these are the highest paying job in India. May you know about all the jobs, but who knows you missed any of them ever. So without wasting time let’s get started.

  • MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS: – All over the India there are a huge no of B. School who are providing degree in management. There also present some prestigious and such a famous institute like IIM, IIT, FMS, IIFT and many more. These are the premium institute who provide degree in management. Especially who comes from the premium institute earn a highest salary. The pre packages are made little bit less salary just like the compassing. Pay package is the highest 24 lacks per year and least 7 to 8 lack per year. Financial services and management consulting farms are the top recruiter of the talent.


  • INVESTMENT BANKERS: investment bankers are generally including five different paths. Such that   i)    Analyst                                                            ii) Associate

iii)  Vice President                                                                                                                 iv) Director

  1. v) Managing director

If talk about the salary it differ on different level like analyst would got more or less 5 to 9 lacks per year, associate would got 7 to 13 lacks per year and the vice president would got 10 to 40 lack per year. There are lots of very popular employ present there some of them are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Globeop financial service limited, HSBC etc.


  • BUISNESS ANALYTICS: First of all a good analyst must be well capable and educated on mathematical concepts, stats, probability etc. They have also known the work they have through across. One who thinks about this you can say the hidden secret to be successful on this field is   business sense.


  • CHATERED ACCOUNTANCY: This one of the trending job in India these days. One has to be extra ordinary smart and posses a lot of knowledge about business and accountancy as well.  If I talk about salary it could be divided into three part entry level would got near about 5.5 lacks per year, mid career would get 12.8 lacks per year. Experienced one would get 25.7 lacks per year.


  • SOFTWARE ENGINERING JOB: At a glance if you show this you can find that now days this is not that satisfying job. Yes this is true that salary now a day’s not growing that much but believe me this is still exist in list of one of the highest paying job in India. Indian companies are moving towards product developments and professionals are seating on the top of the sound knowledge.  Sound department now get satisfying pay now days. Software job are among the highest paying job in India for many more years. Now let’s discuss about the salary of the software jobs. For entry one would get 3.5 lack per year, mid on the career would get 8.4 lack and the experience one would get 15.5 lack per year.


  • AVIATION JOB: Aviation career very prestigious in India. There are plenty of prestigious institute who provide degree and premium knowledge as well. For a commercial pilot the salary would goes up to 20 lacks per year. For helicopter it goes up to 18 lacks per year. For an air craft maintenance engineer it goes up to 8.5 lacks per year.


  • CAREER IN LEGAL SERVICE: Indian constitution is the biggest constitution in India. There are lots of rules for corporate and judicial both. So this may be your dream job in India. The top notch lawyer can command fees that can be similar to other jobs annual yearning.


  • OIL AND NATURAL GAS SECTOR: oils and natural gas is another sector that’s makes high profits in all aspect. One can easily earn up to 15 to 20 lacks per year.


  • MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: There is nothing to say more about this profession. For last couple of year it is the most famous and targeted profession in India. Almost 90%students now days targeted this profession as this secure in terms job and earning surety. If you done a little research on stats you can easily find that there is only available one doctor per 10000 countrymen. So job opportunity is pretty much higher is comparison to all other job.


  • MARKETING: Though it is slow paying job. But once if you gain experience on that field there is nothing good for you. Average salary for marketing expert can be 1.5 lacks for entry level, 5 lack per year for mid career, and 10 lacks for experienced professionals.


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